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Agricultural Internet of things, intelligent greenhouse

  Intelligent greenhouse is an advanced type of facility agriculture, usually multi-span greenhouse. It has a comprehensive environmental control system, which can directly adjust indoor temperature, light, water, fertilizer, gas and many other factors. It can achieve high yield throughout the year and good economic benefits. In recent years, with the rapid development of vegetable greenhouse construction, intelligent greenhouse has brought impetus to the development of agriculture. The control of intelligent greenhouse is usually made up of the following parts.

1. weather station

2. greenhouse environment sensor

  It mainly includes: temperature sensor, humidity sensor, light sensor, matrix temperature sensor, matrix humidity sensor, leaf temperature sensor, leaf humidity sensor.

3. IOT Greenhouse Controller

  Greenhouse controller uses very advanced "data transfer and storage technology", environmental data is stored in the "greenhouse controller" cycle, as long as a computer is turned on, the data will be automatically uploaded to the PC. Complete data collection for months and months. The interval is optional between 1 minutes and 999 minutes. Any sensor can be set to record. The "EXECL" report can be exported from the recorded data. At the same time, it can generate a full day, full week and full month trend chart.

4. greenhouse environmental data wireless Internet publishing system

5. greenhouse environment data mobile phone short message push system

  In greenhouse cultivation, high or low temperatures in the greenhouse will have a significant impact on crops. The functions of the system are as follows:

  First, when the distribution cabinet or greenhouse equipment fails, resulting in excessive high temperature, too low greenhouse, automatically form a "greenhouse temperature, humidity, light, CO2 data SMS", sent to staff, request manual intervention.

  Second, when the greenhouse is in normal working condition, the staff dials the number and the mobile phone will automatically receive the greenhouse environmental data pushed SMS which the staff is responsible for managing. Automatically receive a "greenhouse temperature, humidity, light, CO2" data SMS.

6. greenhouse green pollution-free agricultural products Internet of things retrospective website platformRemote monitoring of 

7. large screen LED display

8. hanging digital display screen

  Installing "hanging digital display screen" inside and outside the greenhouse can display the temperature, humidity, illumination, CO2 concentration, soil temperature, soil moisture and other conditions in the greenhouse, grasp the data and adjust the greenhouse environment at any time, reflecting the bright spot of digital agriculture and precision agriculture. Users can choose monochromatic or two-color, three color displays according to their needs.